His & Her Hope.

December 30, 2017
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December 30, 2017 worklushinc

Originally written Saturday, August 13, 2011

His & Her Hope.

HE is passionate about life; from simple foods to exotic travel and intimate dinners brimming with intimate conversation. He lives well by treating himself well, including good and peaceful company. He has lived long enough to laugh heartily at his own expense and rises decisively in moments of suspense. He is a man’s man who is attentive enough to walk beside her, confident enough to walk behind her and tenacious enough to lead the way. Having known great success and indeed great loss, he is a man who knows God, unashamedly. Beyond all things, he knows God is good.

SHE is a woman longing to  experience life in concert with him of similar passions and complementarity. She is self-aware but not selfish, progressive but not aggressive and self-confident while still supple. She is a woman who is clear, confident and celebratory of her own sexual self; a woman’s woman who can stand beside him to help him keep rhythm, stand behind him for the rare moments when he may tire and stand in front of him so that he may always enjoy the view. But most importantly,  she is a woman who, through it all, feels beautiful all by herself. For her, he’d move mountains.

Everyone including THEM has baggage of some sort. But they seem ready to leave their big ol’ unruly, never-make-it-through-TSA-anyway luggage behind. In fact, they are willing to just buy new clothes along the way and “travel lite”; so that they may have a clutter-free zone in their private space; so that their hands might be free to touch each others hearts. Idealistic? Yes. Romantic? Yes. Hopeless? No. For, it is hope that has brought them this far.


Dopio cheers to you for reading my blog! I know some of you are wondering, “is this real or another Cortez story?” Well, I’ll leave that for you to decide, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent! LOL!  It is just blessed fun to combine my love of photography with my gift of impromptu story-telling and a zeal for creative writing.  I hope and pray that something I’ve said stirs you like swirling cream in Earl Grey tea, giving you a warm hug on the inside.

Your personal Photoscribarista, Cortez